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Realty Executives specializes in foreclosed, shortsale, and HUD owned properties!  With all the “buzz” in the media about foreclosure properties, you may or may not have heard of “HUD Owned” properties. These properties have excellent investment potential, as they are usually listed well beneath tax value!  However, did you know that most agents are not able to assist you with HUD properties?  Realty Executives is proud to be HUD Certified Selling Brokers for the Carolina HUD Homestore – which means WE are the professionals to call for your HUD Home purchase!

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 Please note: We are not exclusive agents for, nor owned by HUD or any of it’s affiliates.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I hear that HUD sells homes. How can I buy one?
Answer:  Click here to view listings of HUD homes available. If you find a home that interests you, you’ll need to contact a HUD-approved real estate broker (Realty Executives is HUD-approved), who can submit a bid for you. Successful bids are posted right on the page for your state.

Question 2: How can I get listings of HUD homes for sale?
Answer: You can see lists of HUD homes for sale right on HUD’s web page. In addition, here is a link to listings of homes being sold by other federal agencies. You can even get directions to the properties that interest you, see their locations on a map, and find out what schools are in the area.

Question 3: Will HUD buy my house? Can I sell my home to HUD?
Answer: No. HUD does not buy homes. The homes that HUD sells come into HUD’s possession as a result of defaults on FHA (HUD) insured mortgages.

Question 4: How do I know if I qualify for a mortgage?
Answer: There are many different kinds of mortgages available, and qualification requirements vary. The best thing for you to do is shop around – talk to two or three local lenders to find out what kinds of mortgages they have available that could fit your situation. There are a number of mortgage calculators online that can give you some idea about your ability to qualify for a mortgage. HUD offers a good calculator, in the “homebuyers kit.” You also might want to contact a Realty Executives broker, as they may be able to direct you to the kinds of mortgage programs that might fit your needs.

Question 5: I’ve heard of the Officer Next Door and Teacher Next Door programs. How can I find out more?
Answer: Teacher Next Door and Officer Next Door have been combined into HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door.

Question 6: I’m considering buying a manufactured home. Does HUD have any information about these homes?
Answer: They provide lots of great information about manufactured homes in their “homebuyer’s kit,” including an excellent consumer’s guide. As always, please consult one of our Executives, so that we may assist you with the home buying process – whether stick built, or manufactured.


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